Sepia Saturday


Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to dig into the past and share photos based on a visual prompt. This week we have a smiling couple with a shiny, sleek car. With that in mind I found these at the Library of Congress.

Women's Suffrage Scout Car, 1913

Harris & Ewing, photographer. WOMAN SUFFRAGE. SCOUT CAR. United States Washington D.C. District of Columbia Washington D.C, 1913. Photograph.

Lomax, Ruby T, photographer. Woman sitting in car, Texas. United States Texas, 1937. Photograph.

Rizzuto, Angelo, photographer. Woman driving car with sunglasses and hair covered with bandana. Child peeking out from behind in backseat. United States New York New York State, 1957. [August] Photograph.


  1. I can really relate to that last photo! The one for suffrage was a great historic photo.

  2. The age of automobiles with running boards produced a lot of great photos, but so did the 1950s-60s era when side-vent windows were the only way to keep cool. I like the child peeking out of the corner.

  3. I would love to see automobiles return to the idea of the 1950s where cars were easily identifiable by make because of their unique designs - especially the two-tone idea. I wonder if car makers will ever go back to the ideas of that era? Not the size of those cars. I like the smaller sizes of todays automobiles. But the uniqueness. Today's cars look so much alike it's like everyone's driving the same car. Same shape and design, just different whole colors. Boring.

  4. My favourite has to be the one with the women suffrage supporters.


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