Sepia Saturday


Every week Sepia Saturday inspires bloggers with a visual prompt like the one above. I went looking for drawings of babies. 

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Our Baby., ca. 1873. December 31. Photograph.


Oh Baby!. , ca. 1875. October 11. Photograph.

Crawford, Will, Artist. Such a sad case! / Will Crawford. , 1912. N.Y.: Published by Keppler & Schwarzmann, Puck Building. Photograph.


  1. Keeping baby entertained is a parent's chore that has always raised a laugh, but that second illustration is too scary to be funny. What was the artist thinking?

  2. "What?!" indeed (about the 2nd one). Love the first one, though! :)

  3. The first picture was cute, and third was accurate in portraying a poor parent's trial in trying to keep a baby happy and occupied. But I'm afraid, for me, the second one was a little too much.


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