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Currier & Ives. The great fire at Chicago, Octr. 8th. , ca. 1871. New York: Published by Currier & Ives. Photograph.

This week I'm commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire of 1871.  Growing up I'd heard family lore of my great grandmother who was 6 at the time remembering that she'd been awoken by a knock on the door of a neighbor warning the family of the fire and telling them he had a boat in the lake. The left the house and got on the boat. Afterwards she went with her mother and sister to New York till the city was rebuilt. 

Copelin & Melander, photographer. Drake's Block, cor. Wabash Ave. and Washington St. Illinois Chicago, 1870. Photograph.

I've written a pilot for a TV series which starts with the Chicago Fire and continues as the city rebuilds. If you know anyone who'd like to make an American Downton Abbey, send them my way.

Greene, P. B. , -1892, photographer. Ruins of buildings along "booksellers row" in Chicago, Illinois, following the great fire of. Illinois Chicago, 1871. [Chicago: P.B. Greene, 315 West Jackson Street] Photograph.

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  1. Wow, so amazing that you had an ancestor who survived the Chicago fire. Your great-grandmother and family had a lucky escape. I hope your series is produced. Sounds like something I would want to watch.

  2. A fascinating account of the fire and how wonderful to have first hand memories from your great grandmother.


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